Creative Light Art Installations





In simple terms, a projector is pointed at an object(s), then a computer running some specialist software is used to apply the content on to the object(s) only. You see this done in the image above of the Sydney Opera House.

A whopping 17 high-powered projectors sitting 200m away from the Opera House were used to cover such a large structure! It is this technique, of projecting only on to the desired objects, that gives us the term “mapping”.

Projection mapping can also be used in combination with 3D design software. Here, a 3D digital model/replica is created, animated and exported as videos that can then be used to illuminate the real object. Interactivity can also be achieved – allowing people to experience a connection with the projection! Clever stuff indeed.


This Cheshire Cat is a composite of images for a project. The cat face itself is made in C4D and has real hair dynamics to simulate a breeze to really bring the cat alive. This was then projected onto a CNC cut wooden frame that was painted with some details. Check out the video below!




An exciting project with a local media company creating a touch interactive projection mapped display installation for the Jersey War Tunnels.

I was in charge of the following areas:
– Sound Design
– Technical Solution Development
– Software and Hardware Configuration
– Touchboard programming (touch – MIDI)
– Hardware Installation
– Projection Mapping and Calibration

Check out the full article here.



A custom LED structure is a fantastic way to get peoples attention. Often utilising, but not limited to, CNC cutting, CAD design, led programming, reactivity (audio, movement, iPad, mobile phone etc.), custom LED/Pixel controllers, ArtNet and Midi.

There are many applications for such creations – music events, corporate events, unique home art pieces, shop window displays.

The limit of application here is imagination and budget. Continue reading the next paragraph for a look at one of my recent projects and the pieces that enabled its’ creation.

If you have an even or project in mind please get in touch below!


The structure pictured above, and below, started of life as a vector design made on a computer. A backing piece was then cut from the design along with 3 front pieces (the hexagon and triangles).


A laser cutter  was used for the alien glyphs and triangle design pieces which were then custom fitted with a number of LED strips and hooked up to my custom controller.


From there it was a matter of programming all the software as well as making it audio reactive. To top it off the whole structure was projection mapped for added detail. Check out the first video on the page and more below if you have not already to see it in action.



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