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Creative Lighting Installations


Projection Mapping

Taking 2D or 3D objects and covering them with custom content to create a large number of effects. From wedding cakes to dance events this technique can be applied in a near limitless way to create a myriad of experiences. Visuals can also be reactive to both movement and sound.

Lighting Installations

Fully controllable LED strips, flood lights and pixels can be used in a number of ways to highlight structures, vegetation and everything else. These can be programmed to do any number of effects and can even be synced to frequency, BPM or physical movement.

Stretch Fabric Decor

4 way stretch lycra can be used to create a number of different effects for any situation or event. Combine this with custom airbrushing and decor can be created to match any theme or event for a striking and different visual style. The only limit is imagination

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