Cheshire Cat

Cheshire Cat

This project started as a concept idea with the client. After discussions it was agreed that the head would be CNC machined and painted, with UV paint for the eyes, teeth and nose, by third parties. The rest was to be projected with fur with some overlay video possibilities.

This was the spec and was mostly a simple idea. However I decided to go the extra mile and get a copy of the digital file used for the CNC cutting in order to create a perfect mappable cats head in Cinema 4D. Creating real hair dynamics, clumping and dual light sources to create a visually impressive kitty.

Once I had a few rendered video loops (rendering takes far to long for my liking… like dial-up modem long.) I was able to build up a controllable system that allowed several catformations utilising alpha masks and custom videos that could then by synced with the BPM, or specific frequency bands, of the music being played.

There was a problem where the cat face was so large it had to be attached touching the ceiling which meant it was blocked from projection by a some air-con units. Thankfully as it was being projection mapped anyway so I just turned the ears down a bit. Had there been another place to mount the projector this could have been overcome.

Check it out below (c:


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16th June 2017